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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shout Out to Gavin.

Gavin_1Sending a heartfelt shout out to one of the marketing community's dearest members. Well, actually, you're all dear members for various and equally unique reasons. That's what makes this community more than worth all the time and thought we put into it. Times ten.

So let me better articulate: Gavin Heaton is an especially generous, kind soul. Somehow that little bugger from down under--yep, he's a bloke!--finds a way to celebrate another person or entity through every single one of his posts. It's the darndest thing. He says it's because he's better at running with ideas than coming up with them--but that's just not true. It's because he chooses to celebrate others. That blogger is "too smart by half!" as he says to me. Btw, Australian English is sooo much better than American English...he uses "quicksmart" a lot too and it always tickles me (it means "fast").

But Gav needs our help right now, be it with a kind word and/or a donation. His father-in-law and friend were hit by a car when cycling on Saturday, Dec. 23rd in Australia (we only just found out). Everyone is to make a positive recovery, but they have been in intensive care after being airlifted to the hospital...so it's a long road. So if you would kindly consider:

  • Well wishes: leaving a kind comment for a speedy recovery here
  • Donations: Donating via pay-pal for the medical expenses here. Donations will be open until the end of February, we know that x-mas has drained our accounts! NOTE: Gav did not initiate this or ask for donations, our community did.
  • FOGroll: if you want to be added to the FOGroll (the "Friends of Gavin" blogroll) on the "Friends of Gavin" web page, just e-mail Cam Beck as he'll gladly add you. Cam, nice goin' on calling it a FOGroll :-).

Thanks for letting me talk about someone who, as a consummate storyteller, is always talking kindly about others. And now that I've talked about him, I'd like to speak to him:

Gh_pic_1Gavin, I'm sending loads of love to you, your family and friends and I'm overcome- yet not the least bit surprised--with how much you've put into up-keeping an entirely new blog to maintain communications when you must be utterly drained. If there is a heaven I take heart in knowing it's full of angels like you.

I said he was a bloke readers...but I stand corrected: as you can see from his pic, he's also a fetching bloke, eh? We love you, Gav. Lots.

P.S.: The "Friends of Gavin" graphic above (thanks to David Armano) is yours for the taking. Use it in a post if you like. I also thank Cam Beck for making the donations page. And I thank everyone in this community for supporting Gav; it's what we do.


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That's right- this IS what we do as a community and network of extended friends. Every time something terrible like this happens and the community responds like this, it makes me very proud to add the word "blogger" to my name.

Gavin- The community is here to support you and your family. Our very, very best to Noel and all the others who were hurt. Speedy recoveries. to all.

Well said, CK. You are the Front Woman for the Gavin Group Hug.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop....

Tim: You have done so much to let the cycling community know and support Gav. You rock!

Ann: You're too kind. I only found out about the tragedy and shared it with others--no special act, the community at large is the front woman (I do fancy referring to the community as female, sure Gav wouldn't mind...ha, ha).


Thank you for being the messenger yesterday. You lit the fire under so many of us.

You guys rock! We have been overwhelmed by your generosity, kind words and rapid response.

CK ... as always, you are the first to put up your hand to help - I really appreciate your energy and support.
Tim ... the local cycling guys have been great - and we have already had comments and emails coming in from other parts of Australia and around the world. I know that is appreciated by us, but also by the other cyclists who were involved. Thanks!
Ann and Lewis ... thanks for thinking of us all, it certainly has not been the Christmas we were planning.

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