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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Move over Oprah: We've Got Our Own Book Club Now (FREE books!)

Bookclub_final Didn't I promise more surprises centered on "share" in 2006? Well a promise is just that and I'm pleased to announce the brand spankin' new MarketingProfs Book Club--with yours truly as host(ess).

It's old media (books) meets new media (the Web) meets best practices. And while I may not be able to give away free cars...I am giving away FREE, author-signed books!

All marketing all the time, the book club will cover a wide range of marketing topics with an opening lineup boasting such sizzling luminaries as Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba, Al & Laura Ries and Paul Gillin--with many more to be announced.

Book3dcm_2Quick as a bunny, hop on over to the Daily Fix to learn how you can sign-up and hopefully, get a free, signed copy of our inaugural book...the hot-off-the-press, highly anticipated book by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba titled "Citizen Marketers"--a book that's brimming with insights and perfectly suited for those new and familiar with social media.

But don't take my word for it: The Viral Garden urges "buy this book...it isn't a marketing book, it's a book about your community of customers". Logic & Emotion remarks on the book's "cross appeal both for those already participating as well as those grappling with the gi-normous changes in marketing". And Movie Marketing Madness advises this book "should be on every marketing practitioner's desk". Folks, I've never gone wrong when listening to these trusted colleagues (whom I'm fortunate to call friends).

Still need a little prodding? No problem, I'll just push you on over to the Q&A I'm featuring with Ben and Jackie at The Daily Fix; the interview alone is chock full of value--and it's free, too. Here are some As to your anticipated Qs:

#1: How does it work, CK? Why it goes like so:

  • Kick-off: Every 2 months a new book is announced through an Author Q&A posted at MarketingProfs and at The Daily Fix Blog (I'll notify readers at my blog, too). The first 30 people to sign-up for each segment receive free books--but an unlimited number of people can take part in the club. You can opt to sign-up for one segment, two segments...or all of them.
  • Read: Members are given approximately 5-6 weeks to read each book, and to allow time for book mailings.
  • Group Review: Through an online review area we'll discuss the book's themes, ask questions of the authors--and each other--as well as rank the book. It's all sorts of democratic like that.

#2: Did you say FREE books? That I did. The first 30 people to sign-up for each segment receive FREE, author-signed books. No, you don't pay mailing fees (would I do that to you guys?). Yes, books can be shipped anywhere in the world--it's the WORLD wide web, and this book club is most certainly global.

#3: Why the heck are you hosting this? Because I'm a bookworm. Because the program hinges on sharing knowledge--and because nothing like it exists, but should. Now it does :-). A world of thanks to MarketingProfs's Ann Handley--and all our authors and publishers--for embracing the idea.

#4: How do I sign-up? Go here to learn how...and go NOW! While right now you're here you must sign-up over there.

Bookclub_bubble_final #5: Where's your nifty disclaimer? Neither CK nor MarketingProfs are retained by any author or publisher to promote any book or make any profit from the sale thereof (though the extra cash would be nice). This club is for the marketing community--I just get to learn alongside you good folks.

P.S. Remember, even if you don't get a free book this go 'round, please do still take part in the book club. At $16.50 for the hardcover edition, this book is a steal for all the gems inside. Plus, with new books announced every 2 months there are plenty of chances throughout 2007 to get your paws on a free read.


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i can't wait to say that i was the first subscriber!!! time is on my side!

Being in the newspaper business, I love the "old" media meets "new" media analogy, CK - keep up the outstanding work!

It's a great read guys really. If you don't make the 30-person cutoff, don't hesitate to buy the book, at $16.50 through Amazon it's a steal.

BTW anyone get the idea that C(space)K is excited about this? ;) Good job!

I was just drooling over this book at Amazon, but opted against buying it for some foolish reason. I'm still working on "Making Meaning," anyway.

This looks like a wonderful Idea, CK.

Very Sweet indeed!
I've been blazing through a torrent of B-books (audio too) lately and wanted a community to share the main ideas with, before I send it to select clients or release it on BookMooch.

Look forward to the experience


What a great idea you've come up with here (yet again). You really should be a marketer. :)

Keep up the great work and ideas. You're an inspiration.

I love a book too, and I found this great quote:
"Babies use all their senses to take in a book. Your job is to keep your mind open to the possibilities — for example, that "eating" a book can be just as satisfying as reading it — and have fun."
I've been known to devour a book or two in my time- I look forward to a banquet- a feast- with some fine company and fab conversation...
Thanks for getting this started, thanks for sharing!

Now of course I am just waiting on the Ann, Armano and CK's "best of 2006" marketing almanac. Custom published through blurb.com and available for immediate review.

C'mon you know you want to do it. Who needs sleep?

You did it! High five!!

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