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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Straight to Video: A dude, a drive, a sock and a kid.

Stuff20044_2Apparently the title outlays all one needs to be a viral hit. Since I'm not a dude, nor do I drive (NYC car-less girl) or have kids (NYC single girl), I probably can't hope to go viral. Though I do have a few fancy socks so maybe I've still got a shot.

All kidding aside, fellow marketing blogger Tim Jackson has caught fire through a string of parodies that are loving-while-mocking his now famed "daily drive" segments. Didn't I tell you parodies were powerful? So it seems the man we once called "Masiguy" (he's the Brand Manager for Masi Bikes) is now officially donned "The Daily Drive Guy".

Daily20drive20195 Do watch the vids but definitely learn the lesson: what has made Tim a hit is a mix of ingenuity + authenticity (and personality, too).

  • Ingenuity: Tim, who faces 2 hours on the road commuting everyday, has taken offline time online. Smart. By penning short, fun posts of daily happenings-and always showing us his "socks du jour"-- he has figured out a way to blog without being anywhere close to a computer. Double-dog smart.
  • Authenticity: The thing is, Tim didn't do the daily drives to get popular, he just wanted to contribute. He's honest with us when he doesn't wake up in time to shave for work...yet somehow always manages to shave his legs for cycling. All the while sharing random thoughts that put a smile on our face--if only for a handful of minutes each day.

Many marketers would understandably ask "what's the point?", "will this sell more bikes?" I'm not sure if it will sell more bikes (or socks) but it will has branded Tim--and is engaging a base of loyal readers. Keep driving your way into our hearts and minds, Tim.


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ck, i tell you that the viral about tim has just started. i'm sure that more videos will come. mine as well.

G: Make sure to include your "kids" (Zen & Clone) in your video!

'NYC single girl' has viral written all over it! You've heard about lonelygirl on YouTube, haven't you?

I've thought about a series of videos featuring *ahem* interesting people I encounter on the bus ride to work.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes of this goofy meme.... :-)

indeed. the "kids" are my superstars!

I get the feeling that it's hard for Tim to cover up his personality in any way. It's awesome to see him take such a simple idea and have it blossom, only through the sheer will of that personality. Very cool.

I am sincerely floored by this- I can not thank you enough for truly making me feel like a star.

Yes, the whole point of the Daily Drive posts was to stay connected to my blog and its readers when I have been too busy with other issues to post really substantial content. The effectiveness has far exceeded expectation. The videos are a huge thing to me- I am so flattered that readers have taken the time to participate. So... now I am working out the details of a video contest, playing with this theme, that will give readers a chance to win a cool prize while having fun.

Paul- You're right, there is no way I can hide my "personality" or my passion for what I do. It pretty much runs me over every minute of the day.

Thank you for the great words of praise and encouragement, each of you, it means more to me than you know.

Tim, your passion indeed shines through, and you're fortunate to work for a company that encourages that type of spontaneous, creative energy.

If you can call what he does work...It seems as though blog posts ooze from his skin like a boil. Most of us seek medication, Tim captures it in a solo cup and puts it on his desk for all to see.....

If there is anyone in the blogosphere who is deserving of 'blog stardom' it is Tim Jackson. Ann Handley might have "invented blogs" but Tim Jackson gives blogs heart.

Toby, as I have said to you privately, your support and kindness means far more to me than I can ever say.

For the rest of the room listening, Toby was probably the first marketing blog I found and read with any regularity. Then I began commenting on her blog. Then she started reading my blog. Then she poured her generous support and friendship on me. Toby has profiled me in her Biz Blog Profile series and in her Blogger Stories. I believe that her constant support is part of what has helped me to develop as a blogger and a marketer. It has been her constant urging that has also lead to the decision to write a book... so stay tuned for details on that project.

So, CK- from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this piece and your friendship. And Toby- I honestly can not thank you enough for your gentle kindness, support and friendship.

I am blessed. (As well as a complete bike nerd.)

Thanks Tim. Can we do the group hug now? Seriously, if anyone doubts that social media can build "real" relationships and friendships .. CK and Tim are proof postive.

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