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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let's focus on SHARE...not size.

ClistAccording to the powers-that-be, I'm a "C-List" blogger. Wrong. I'm clearly a "CK-List Blogger" (duh!).  You see, this list shows how much authority I hold--or in my case, don't hold. But I'm only 9 blog links away from being a more authoritative B-Lister. Power is so close...yet so far away. Sigh.

The thing is, I view power as a collective force and fancy it being spread around, or shared. Don't kid yourelf: share unites us, rankings such as these serve to divide us. Less into size, I'm far more focused on share, as in:

  • How much does your blog share with your audience?
  • How much do you share in the conversation at other blogs?
  • How much are you furthering this medium?
  • How are you using social media to promote ethical standards?

If you share, you're on my A+ List. So in this Share Economy, size doesn't matter...aren't you glad to hear THAT from a woman?

Not for nothin', the ONLY reason I've even made it to the C-List is because I shared this goodie and scores of blogs picked it up. I didn't do it for that reason...but share begets share. And the best thing about it? I now have new relationships with great blogs--and bloggers--and the piece shares the love by linking to everyone that shared in its creation--and I'm still inviting more to participate.

Now that's the kind of power that's just, well, empowering.

P.S.: Thanks to Kineda's blog for letting me share my view on this--and for making the graphic pink!

P.P.S.: I have a groovy new program based on knowledge share...and it lauches in little over a week. Sorry I can't yet share it. Soon.


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Who says size matters? You're always on my A-list, CK


DR: Absolutely adore your list, because it's based on good people. Besides Loki, I'm your biggest fan. Can't thank you enough for all you do for me, but thankful I am.

Also, I'll try to remember you when I make it to the B-List.

OK people, I need 21 more links to make it to the B list. If we all try really hard, I know we can do it. I have faith in all of you! Spread that link love!

Yes, it isn't a traditional popularity contest anymore. Sure, in the beginning, as this whole blogging thing evolved, popularity was the only real tangible metric we could come up with. Now there are lots of things we can use to rank and recognize our friends in the community. I consider our hostess here to be an A-list babe because she does good things for the community and within the community. Being a part of the community means more than sitting up high watching the links roll in (though you should still link to me so I can get more popular), it's about being active within the community. What do you ADD to the community by being in it? Just your voice? Add some life, some passion, share and listen. That's the where the real power comes from. Actively learn and grow... that will do you more good than a seat at the popular kids table (though I wouldn't mind sitting there just once without having some cute girl take off with my lunch just because I'm too startled to say no).

"though I wouldn't mind sitting there just once without having some cute girl take off with my lunch just because I'm too startled to say no."

Tim: I'll beat those popular girls up, call them names and pull their pigtails...no one steals my fellow C-Listers' lunch! You know, we're already sitting at the best table of all ;-).

Thanks CK. It's nice to know I've got back up. Now, can you get me an introduction to one of the cheerleaders?

ladies and gents, listen from a z list blogger: you are greater than any list.
i've spent all my life in fighting against quantitative measurement and i still have a long way to go: size doesn't matter without heart and soul.

Gianandrea; beautiful as always.

One of the things I meant to mention as well is that the power of the community is so much greater than any one A-list blogger. Each of us here in this conversation may only be a C-list blogger, but together we create a single voice through this dialog that is much stronger than what comes from one big shot A-lister.

G: My hat is off to you...you blog in English and that just amazes me (folks, he is from Italy). I'd be a mess! I'm so happy you joined the community as, indeed, you add MUCH heart and soul.

P.S.: My best to Zen & Clone (the pups).

ck, to amaze you a little bit more i have to tell that i'm developing a podcast version of the blogs. just for fun. it should be ready in one week.
tim, i'll probably get back to you with some tech question (about bikes)!!!

The only A List blogs I ever visit are Doc Searls and Boing Boing, but I rarely visit Boing Boing, because Cory Doctorow is a hostile jerkbag.

Link Authority, as measured by Technorati and other blog trackers is a totally worthless measurement in most cases I've experienced. "Rank by authority" on a blog post search is generally not very helpful, you still get a lot of irrelevant or dubious credibility blogs.

Sit down and make a list of your favorite blogs, including blogs you know are good but you don't visit as often as you probably should.

Then compare that list with any blog tracking and ranking list. Chances are, they won't coincide.

For me, the most popular music, for example, is of no interest. I prefer mostly obscure, eccentric music bands. The only popular music I will listen to is Bob Dylan basically. Can't think of any other popular music artist that I like. I like Caroliner Rainbow, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Pavement (sort of popular in the late 1990s), The Fiery Furnaces, Morton Subotnick (he did the soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and many more albums of electronic weirdness).

I don't know of anyone who takes A List seriously, even the A Lister friends of mine. Doc Searls certainly mocks the concept.

Visit the blogs you like by those bloggers you respect, and don't worry about how you supposedly "rank" in links, traffic, citations, authority, etc.

A serious literature lover does not buy only books that are bestsellers, nor does she buy only books that are endorsed and praised by the "right people".

Just because Seth Godin and Tom Peters rave about a new marketing author is no guarantee that I will find that author worth anything.

BTW/PS: This is a very well designed blog, not all cluttered up like my pathetic rag. Ha.


Geez until yesterday I didn't even know there were such things as A, B and C lists. I guess I just didn't care enough to know such lists exist.

Okay, I had to know: D List and damn proud of it.

Lewis: And yet you share more than any blogger I know (thusly you're on the A+ List, plus CK's List).

When we all focus on share, not size, we all benefit :-).

Reminds me of a maxim, "You get what you give". Kinda amazing how many marketers forget about this (and truly inspiring to know some of them know this, too).

Hi CK,
Want to be an "A-List" person. Just go to that place and put in some popular blog name, and they give you the A-List html to put on your site. Or is that like taking steriods to improve your athletic performance?

CK! Sorry for this late response.

I'd like to echo David's thoughts - you'll always be an A-list blogger on my list too; and guess what? that's the only list that matters to me:)

You're the best, CK! Keep blogging!

Hope to seeya in the Bay Area sometime soon.

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