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Friday, October 06, 2006

Going Really Green.

Cannabis_leaf_1I'm not saying you kids should inhale...but research is suggesting that maybe grandma should have. Findings just released from the Scripps Research Institute in California show the active ingredient in marijuana may prevent the progression of the Alzheimer's disease by preserving levels of an important neurotransmitter that allows the brain to function.

So the drug that makes you forget and unable to function in the short term winds up making you remember and able to function in the long term. Poetic justice, no?

Yep, marijuana's active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can prevent the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from breaking down more effectively than commercially marketed drugs. Hang on, now the green marketing movement gets really interesting.

Is it me, or between relieving glaucoma, helping reduce side effects from cancer and AIDS treatments and now guarding against Alzheimer's....is marijuana/mary jane/weed/pot/grass/dope/cannabis/chronic/whatever Snoop Dogg wants to call it on any given day...becoming evident as not the "gateway drug" but the wonder drug?

While Vioxx, Celebrex and its chemical siblings are getting recalled and, uh, killing people left and right? Big Pharma might do itself a favor and start buying grow lights because if these results hold water, they're going to need to replace some revenue streams--as there's a market here. It just needs time and tipping points like these.

Having worked projects in life sciences and biotech I can tell you that the costs for drug discovery (pinpointing the next Zanax or Ambien) are astronomical. Millions upon millions. Yet, all the while, the answer might have been growing in our own back yards. I simply must interview the lobbying agency that's surely already on retainer for this initiative: imagine the creative and the tactics for those campaigns. Hmm, maybe it's 'high' time to revisit the egg...

Disclaimer: The marketer behind this blog does not endorse, agree, promote, validate or otherwise concur with Marijuana usage, for medicinal purposes or otherwise. Unless she gets hired to consult on such a groundbreaking movement (then you can puff away since it will drive my client's ROI).


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Now that's a campaign driven by by "word of mouth" marketing if there ever was one. Pot 'defines' word of mouth marketing.

Wanna do a case study? Is the statistic 1 in 3 people have tried it? With no advertising. And it's an illegal plant. How can a plant be illegal? Insanity.

I found this published stat for Europe: "Recent population surveys indicate that between 3 % and 31 % of adults (aged 15–64 years) have tried the substance at least once (lifetime use)."

Too many young kids are sitting in prison because of our state's draconian drug laws, simply for possession of pot.

It's time to legalize marijuana.

Neil: Thanks for the great stats. Supposedly it's America's second largest cash crop, too.

We've no problem putting kids on legalized anti-depresseants that drive them to suicide. Or ridilin (sp?) that really fries their brains. And yet pot is curing ailments. While alcohol-related deaths are easily in the thousands/per annum.

You've got a PR agency, I've got myself a marketing one...let's find out whose behind the initiative. What an intriguing account and case study that would be, eh?

Far out, man. I like your comparison to some of those big-name, heavily advertised drugs that have been recalled.

When I was in grad school, way back in 1970, I did a paper for a marketing class on promoting grass (that's what we called it back then). My research at the time found reports that the big tobacco companies secretly had names like Acapulco Gold, etc. trademarked and ready to go once pot was legalized, which many people thought would happen within 15 - 20 years, as us boomers grew up and took control of the country. (We didn't count on boomers like Bush, back then. But that's another story.)

I wonder where we'd be now -- healthwise, politically, economically -- if pot has been legalized.

I wish I could find that old paper from B-school, but I must have been stoned when I put it away. I can't remember where I put it.

David Reich

Disclaimer: The public relations counselor behind this blog does not endorse, agree, promote, validate or otherwise concur with Marijuana usage, for medicinal purposes or otherwise. Unless he gets hired to consult on such a groundbreaking movement (then you can puff away since it will drive my client's ROI).

David: You must find that paper--and those Big Tobacco results! Imagine if we'd listened to the hippies? Let's see, we'd have less alzheimer victims and less Vietnam victims.

Instead we're back to war and spending millions on putting kids away for pot (where, with the dropout rate at 30% we need to funnel that money into our educational system).

Oh, and our country is more divided than ever. But hey, Willie Nelson faces up to 6 mos. in jail for possession of pot...yep, Willie, not Osama, he's public enemy #1. Hmmm.

Hey Dave
Get your "FREE WILLIE" Tshirt at:

Thanks for the tip Neil.

I think DKNY makes that shirt.

The funniest part of your post was the Technorati tags: dope, grass, marijuana, mary jane, pot, weed...I feel like I'm in a revival of the musical "Hair"!

David: You're just silly--maybe you've been smoking so you guard against illness? Thanks for all your fun comments, they make my day.

Ann: Fun with names for pot evolved into fun with technorati tags...glad you got a giggle out of 'em.

It's a systemic problem in my mind. Weed, gay marriage, stem cell testing, and on and on, the problem is a vocal minority attempting to impose their convictions and beliefs on a less motivated majority.

Do I smoke weed? No, but I couldn't care less if anyone else does. It wouldn't be smart to throw stones from a glass bar, or something like that.

But, it's hard to get people who don't smoke weed to really get motivated behind a cause that they feel doesn't affect them (like gay marriage and the rest).

Let's try and be a little more American here people, just because your value system says something is wrong, doesn't make it wrong for everybody else. Power to the people, and all that.

And, yes, I referred to it as weed all the way through, cause I'm cool like that.

Paul: Thanks for your "cool" comment. Ah, gay marriage...I can't get past a "free" country not allowing this. See, in a democracy, there is no reason to make things legal, only illegal. Why illegalize marriage between any two humans? Oy, that will need to be another post as that's a HUGE rant of mine.

What I'm not understanding is why just NOW we're researching the positive, health-advancing effects of a plant. We're spending millions creating all these "killer" drug compounds that are getting recalled (and killing people) when the answer is free and available to people in pain.

On a marketing side, there's a tremendous opportunity here. I would jump at being part of this groundbreaking initiative. What a challenge :-).

And it's just ironic as heck that it prevents a disease that makes you forget, eh?


So, not only is it a hoot, grass fights Alzheimer's. I guess my youth wasn't wasted.


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