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Thursday, May 18, 2006

CK Disclosed: My Blog's Mantra

Ck_poweredby_postcopy_4_3 In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, I disclose this: All content, thought and time that goes into my blog is driven by 3 principles.

Probably best to start from the beginning, which leads me to #1...

#1: Listening. Marketing is about listening. When people ask me how to be better marketers, I tell them to become better listeners. Since new media gives us new ways to listen, this blog serves as a feedback tool.

So when I'm asking questions through polls, posts or interviews, just know my agenda is less about talking, more about listening--and, ultimately, about learning, which leads me to #2...

#2: Involvement. My blog features practices from some of the smartest marketers around. But right alongside are clever strategies and stealth tactics from persons whom may not hold the title of marketer, but they're producing savvy marketing initiatives nonetheless.

That said, I promote the well-known marketers along with the up-and-comers. The A-list bloggers with huge audiences and the B-listers with passionate communities. After all, Galileo and Columbus had small followings in their time, but they sure had BIG ideas, which brings me to #3...

#3: Ideas. Ideas are the currency of the new economy. Ideas make the world and this blog go 'round. I reference the ideas, posts and articles of others', as much as I do my own. But I'm just one little marketer in a BIG ol' blogosphere: so please send ideas my way. I'll be sure to give you credit.

Thanks for listening, contributing and participating,

- CK

P.S.: Got feedback? Send it on! Be it good, bad or indifferent...I promise I'll listen.


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Incredible stuff CK!

You are my blogging soul mate, heh. I am so totally in agreement with your "mantra" and I'm glad Listening is placed #1.

You have the bleeding edge marketing savvy that is required to reach today's consumers and CEOs.

You are so cool. I love it!

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